Big Giant Boner

Big Giant Boner

Date: January 22nd, 2016
Title: Big Giant Boner
Models: Pim
Description: If you have an aversion to stunning slim femboys with huge fat cocks then look no further because Pim embodies all these traits. Seeing her kneeling sweetly on the bed we first notice her pretty face framed by the strait cut bangs of her brown hair which ends in a long pony tail. Despite her shapeless frilly prison striped blouse we get the sense she has a slim sexy figure from her long neck and willowy arms. This is confirmed when she stands and removes her tight blue jeans to reveal slender legs and bright red panties. She lifts her top to show she has a nice flat tummy and narrow waist before she partially pulls down her panties to give our first peek at her hairy patch. A further slight tug down of her red briefs and out flops her huge shrivelled hose that soft is bigger than most erect cocks. She spins to give as a back view and we see the panties have an interesting lace design sprouting from her ass crack before baring her beautiful small round butt and then spreading her cheeks so we get a good view of her sweet boy pussy below which hangs her large meaty balls and hardening hooded dink. Her top off we see her black lace bra has slid down below her small puffy red nipples capping her suckable hormone titties. After a quick stretch and tug her dick grows long and fat and she just stands there as it hangs down to one side with the pink head peeking out from its hood. Now it’s time for her to stoke that monster cock before she reaches out to do the same to mine before kneeling to suck me off will she continues to jerk herself. This girl loves to pose her big dick and fat balls which she does laying back before finishing with a giant vertical squirt of cum that has soaked her svelte body with glistening ball juice.

Format: mp4
Size: 336.3 MB
Duration: 00:11:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Antivirus status: Safe

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